Squeaking Audi Brakes Lawsuit Settled

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Source: The following is excerpted from a post by David A. Wood on CarComplaints.com on the settlement of a class-action lawsuit covering squeaking brakes on Audi Q7s. The settlement, which still has to be approved by a judge, covers 2017 and 2018 model year versions of the large sport-utility vehicles

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Audi Q7 squeaking brakes caused a class action lawsuit that has reached the settlement stage, although a judge must still grant final approval to the settlement agreement.

Plaintiffs Valeria Mercado and Andrea Kristyanne Holmes claim the Audi Q7 squeaking front brakes are distracting to Audi drivers and others on the roads.

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The initial class action lawsuit included 2015-2018 Q7 SUVs, but the settlement includes only 2017 and 2018 SUVs.

Although Audi agreed to settle the lawsuit to put an end to it after the class action was amended and refiled five times, the automaker says there is nothing wrong with the Audi Q7 vehicles.

The company says the owner’s manual clearly says brake noise can occur for various reasons, and the lawsuit never identified any defective brake components on the vehicles.

Audi also told the judge the original plaintiff never said the brakes failed to slow down the vehicle, and the automaker also argues brake “noise” doesn’t equal a brake “defect.”

Audi Brakes Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The Audi Q7 squeaking brakes class-action lawsuit settlement includes:

“All persons and entities who purchased or leased any model year 2017 or 2018 Audi Q7 vehicle that was imported and distributed by VWGoA for sale or lease in the United States or Puerto Rico.”

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