Saving Lives with SEINSA Brakes Made in Spain

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Source: SEINSA Corporation announcement

MADRID — SEINSA Corporation, recognized as one of the most innovative of 2020, manufactures critical parts for braking with which it saves the lives of drivers of 85 vehicle brands around the world.

It knows this and is proud to be Navarrese, European and independent to supply these critical parts so essential in the automotive sector, both in Spain and India.

The Group, based in the Eugi reservoir, Pamplona, has achieved control of the entire manufacturing cycle of the product, from the raw material to its distribution.

“The future of this sector and our economy is to offer a quality European product, homemade and not dependent on other markets,” says Iñaki Lizaso, director of Organization and Excellence of the company. 

SEINSA Corporation develops millions of brake, transmission, steering and suspension parts in Spain that are vital to ensure safety worldwide.

The internal manufacturing of these products becomes an advantage over its competitors since, increasingly, customers are looking for quality products manufactured from the raw material.

This is in addition to the trend of proximity that follows the aftermarket sector, betting heavily on spare parts that are manufactured within the European territory.

The Navarrese company exports 98 percent of its products, mainly to Europe, but also to the American continent, Asia and Africa.

“Due to the pandemic and the problem of supplies we have realized that it is a growing trend in Europe in recent months,” said Lizaso.

SEINSA Corporation has recently participated as a candidate for the CLEPA 2021 International Innovation Awards, themost relevant awards that recognize the excellence of European companies.

“We have in Navarra a Spanish jewel in the sector of the production of recambioparts, especially braking. We can boast of innovation and excellence and having passed on all this knowledge to the factory in Chennai, India,” he said.

The Spanish Group has presented itself to these awards with an innovative project already incorporated into the manufacturing processes.

“We have not had to do anything new, since innovation is part of our daily operation. We grow thanks to our own business maturity that innovating is the only way to lead.”

The company assumes that without a strong commitment to innovation and research it would be very difficult to face the context of great changes and uncertainty that the sector is going through.

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In this sense, SEINSA allocates million per year to innovative high-performance teams and since 2020 the company created the R&D department of strategic development and new businesses formed by young professionals. 

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