Rd:z Pads Sustainable, Cleaner and Quieter

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Source: Zimmermann announcement

SINSHEIM-DÜHREN, Germany — As a sustainable solution, Zimmermann’s rd:z brake pads last longer, are more environmentally friendly and ensure cleaner rims. Rarely do products that are described as innovations meet the expectations of their designation; the rd:z system exceeds them in several respects and thus creates a sustainable solution.

No more screeching brakes

Improved performance is just one aspect of the special composition of the friction material mixture used in Zimmermann’s rd:z brake pads that causes a stir.

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With this series, the engineers achieved a special coup, because many fundamental properties have been improved. The new friction material mixture generates less vibration due to its composition, which leads to less noise, such as the annoying brake squeal.

The optimized friction material mixture of the rd:z brake pads is based, among other materials, on organic fibers, which form a thin layer between the pad and the brake disc during braking. This ensures optimized performance, better braking feel and less wear – which also means less abrasion.

In addition, rd:z is characterized by high coefficient of friction consistency and thus by optimum use of the brake – both at sub-zero temperatures and under hot braking.

Less environmental pollution

The lot of a brake pad is that it is abraded in proper use. On the one hand, the abrasion of the pads adheres to the rims as black dust and soils them, and on the other hand, the abrasion causes emissions.

The environmentally friendly solution is that less material is abraded per braking operation. The life of the brake pad is extended this leads to a more environmentally friendly driving, which is guaranteed with rd:z brake pads.

Cleaner rims

Another special feature is the color of the abrasion. Due to the material composition, the brake pads have a much lighter abrasion. This special coloring and the lower abrasion provides overall for visually much less pollution of the rims.

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An overview of the rd:z pad benefits:

  • High level of friction coefficient constancy
  • Lighter and less braking dust, therefore cleaner wheel rims
  • Improved braking performance
  • Significantly less vibration during braking – lower noise levels
  • Less wear and therefore longer service life
  • Less dust, therefore less environmental impact
  • High temperature stability
  • High tensile strength
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