Randoncorp Reports Q1 Results

CAXIAS DO SUL, Brazil — Randoncorp closed 2023 first quarter with a BRL 2.7 billion of consolidated net revenue, 7.3% greater when compared to this same period last year. The indicator is the company’s business strategy result, which advanced in diversifying its portfolio and operating markets, as well as its internationalization.

Consolidated EBITDA has advanced 10.2% when compared to 2022 first three months, reaching BRL 442.2 million. EBITDA’s margin has also grown by 0.4 percentage points, closing at 16.6%.

Among the main factors that boosted these figures is the increase in revenues from the foreign market, totaled $11 million, an increase of 11.1% when compared to 2022 first quarter.

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It was registered an increase in markets sales, such as the United States – both due to local production at the company’s units in such country, mainly semi-trailers with the Hercules company, and products exported from Brazil – and an increase in new revenues with the recent acquisition of Juratek, in the United Kingdom, by Frasle Mobility, in the motion control auto parts segment.

Further contributing to the result was the growth in revenue from new businesses, such as technology services arising from the DB company acquisition, the heated market in auto parts replacement and agribusiness at a strong pace, boosting semi-trailers sales, such as tippers and bulk carriers, in addition to providing support for the operations results involving auto parts for commercial vehicles.

“With growing revenues in hard currencies and in the aftermarket, investments in productivity and capturing synergies between our companies, we achieved a quarter with good results and margin expansion, even in a scenario of political and economic uncertainties. Such resilience and consistency of our business model is increasingly evident”, highlighted Randoncorp’s CEO Sérgio L. Carvalho.

In April, the company released its guidance for 2023, projecting consolidated net revenue between BRL 10.5 billion and BRL 12 billion, with an estimated revenue in the foreign market between USD 520 million and USD 570 million. Regarding EBITDA’s margin, the projected range remained between 13% and 16% at the end of the twelve months of the year.

“We are confident when it comes to carrying out what has been planned for the year, mainly due to the consistency in our strategy execution, evidenced in the numbers registered in this first quarter,” pointed out the CFO of Randoncorp Paulo Prignolato.

New corporate brand reinforces the company’s internationalization process

The company’s new cycle, which has presented accelerated growth results in 2023 first months, is also marked by the new corporate brand adoption. The rebranding translates the company’s presence worldwide and proposes to the market the proximity required to create solid, multiple relationships provoking a visionary attitude grounded on investment in innovation.

“We continue to deliver strong results, advancing in our expansion plan, as well as in our ESG agenda. The new brand stands for the evolution the company has experienced in recent years, transforming itself into a full sustainable transport solutions ecosystem and representing an increasingly aggregating company,” summarizes Carvalho.


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