Porsche Taycan Takes Different Route With Brakes

STUTTGART, Germany–The forthcoming Porsche Taycan all-electric vehicle will utilize a regenerative braking system that is quite different from those used by other electric-vehicle companies such as Tesla, according to CNET Roadshow, which was able to do a ride-along with Porsche ahead of the vehicle’s reveal.

Other EVs, such as Teslas, engage their regen braking when the driver releases the accelerator. The Taycan’s regen braking, reported CNET, happens when the driver presses lightly on the brake pedal. Press the brakes harder and the vehicle’s hydraulic brakes become engaged.

Bernd Propfe, director of the Taycan’s platform product line, described the process to the publication. “Coasting is the most energy-efficient way to do it, because braking always goes along with a loss of energy, because no engine has a 100 percent ratio. We strongly believe that the customer, if he wants to brake, he should hit the brake.”

Read the CNET report here.

The Taycan also sports a two-speed transmission at the rear. Electric cars like the Tesla Model S utilize a single-gear transmission.

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David Kiley
David Kiley

David Kiley is Chief of Content for The BRAKE Report. Kiley is an award-winning business journalist and author, having covered the auto industry for USA Today, Businessweek, AOL/Huffington Post, as well as written articles for Automobile and Popular Mechanics.