Nissan Z Gets a Braking Upgrade with EBC Apollo Big Brake Kit

Performance braking market leaps forward with EBC Brakes Racing’s all-new six-piston system for the Nissan Z.

The six-piston Apollo Big Brake Kit represents the ultimate in stopping power for Nissan’s turbocharged V6 sports car. This comprehensive kit replaces all front axle components of the stock braking system with stunning, British-engineered six-piston calipers, delivering firmer pedal feel, improved responsiveness, and reduced brake fade for extended spirited driving.

Two Rotor Size Options to Suit All Drivers

The kit comes with two rotor size options: 355x32mm and 380x36mm, catering to different driving styles and performance needs. Both options include braided stainless-steel brake lines and high-performance fluid for optimal braking performance.

Highlights of the EBC Apollo Big Brake Kit for the Nissan Z:

  • Lightweight-yet-strong aluminium 6-piston calipers: Featuring a two-piece design that incorporates high-tensile steel bolts for enhanced stiffness.
  • Fully-floating two-piece rotors: Allow for thermal expansion, reducing stress and extending rotor life. Available in 355x32mm and 380x36mm sizes.
  • EBC Bluestuff™ NDX Performance Brake Pads: Offer excellent cold bite and are road legal in most markets.
  • Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines: Prevent “ballooning” and provide greater precision under braking.
  • Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid: Delivers exceptional endurance with a 310°C boiling point.

Compatible with Nissan Z Proto Spec and Performance Trims (Not for Sport Models)

The EBC Apollo Big Brake Kit is available in four color options: Stealth Black, Storm Shadow Blue, Luminous Yellow, and Racing Red. This performance upgrade will significantly enhance the braking capabilities of your Nissan Z, whether you’re driving on the streets or pushing your limits on the track.

For more information and to purchase the EBC Apollo Big Brake Kit for the Nissan Z, visit the EBC Brakes website.

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