NRS Brakes Leads in Z Numbers Expansion

FMSI (Friction Material Standards Institute) has recently broadened its range of Z Numbers, a key classification in the automotive brake industry, by introducing 26 new entries encompassing an estimated 12.8 million vehicles in operation. This expansion now raises the total to 83 Z Numbers, which are critical identifiers used in the automotive sector, specifically for brake pads where the friction material is mechanically attached to the steel backing plate, aligning with Original Equipment (OE) standards.

Why It Matters

The addition of these new Z Numbers is significant for multiple reasons. It highlights the increasing diversity in the automotive market, indicating a growing need for specialized brake components across a varied vehicle spectrum. This development also emphasizes the vital role of advanced brake technology in ensuring vehicle safety. As automotive designs evolve, the demand for compatible and efficient braking systems becomes more pronounced.

Key Points

  • FMSI’s addition of 26 new Z Numbers affects 12.8 million vehicles and expands the coverage to 83.
  • NRS Brakes, an industry leader in mechanical fusion technology, employs this state-of-the-art method in all its brake pads.
  • The Canadian-manufactured Premium Galvanized Brake pads by NRS feature the award-winning, patented NRS friction fusion technology.
  • This technology guarantees quieter, safer, and more durable brake pads, establishing a new industry benchmark.
  • The scope of the new Z Numbers, ranging from D769-Z to D2448-Z, showcases extensive vehicle coverage.

Bottom Line

FMSI’s expansion of the Z Numbers collection marks a pivotal development in the automotive braking industry. It underscores the increasing necessity for specialized brake components tailored to a diverse array of vehicles. At the forefront of this innovation stands NRS Brakes, providing cutting-edge products that enhance effectiveness and significantly contribute to vehicle safety and longevity. This advancement is crucial in addressing the evolving needs of the market and upholding stringent vehicle safety standards.


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