NexSafe Industrial Brakes with Functional Safety Certification

Source: The following is excerpted from a design, products and applications post on Nexen Group’s NexSafe industrial brakes receiving functional safety certification.

VADNAIS HEIGHTS, Minn. – Nexen Group, Inc. now offers three of its brakes products with functional safety certification under its NexSafe trademark name.

NexSafe functional safety certified rod locks, rail brakes and servomotor brakes can be used for machine operations such as holding, emergency stopping or positioning. They are ideal for applications where safety is a priority.

Functional safety

Functional safety reduces the risk of injury posed by the use of machinery in the face of operator error or mechanical failure. Building functional safety requires the design and fabrication of protective features responding to human errors, hardware failures, operational or environmental stress. ISO 13849-1 is a safety of machinery standard that assists in the design and integration of safety related parts of control systems or machines. This standard includes a system of categorizing the risk a machine poses, and the safety functions to mitigate that risk.

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Certification program for industrial automation

Intertek, a company headquartered in London, provides assurance, inspection, product testing and certification. In July 2020 Intertek launched its Functional Safety Conformity Assessment Program for industrial automated machinery and robotics. The program offers manufacturers design evaluation, testing and certification with the Intertek Functional Safety (FS) Mark to signify compliance with rigorous standards for product safety and performance.

The first products in North America to earn the FS Mark are Nexen’s NexSafe rail brakes, servomotor brakes and rod locks.

Emergency stopping and holding applications

NexSafe functional safety certified brakes provide a verified, reliable solution that machine builders can depend on. With ISO 13849-1 Functional Safety Certification, NexSafe rod locks, rail brakes and servomotor brakes are ideal for operations such as holding, emergency stopping or positioning. They are an ideal fit for applications where safety is a priority. Optional operating mode sensors further ensure NexSafe products are a fit for safety channels designed for ISO 13849-1 categories B through 4 and performance levels PLa through PLe. In addition, NexSafe brakes are certified to meet IEC 61508, ISO 12100, ISO 13850, and ISO 4414 standards.

The post also covers the following categories:

Rail brakes: compatible with most profile guide rails and carriages
Servomotor brake: powerful high torque brake between servomotor and driven load
Rod locks: precision holding with guide rod systems and pneumatic cylinders

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