Nexo, Kona SUVs Recalled by Hyundai for IEB Issue

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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. – Hyundai Motor America has agreed to recall certain 2019/2020 Kona Electric and Nexo fuel cell vehicles because they may have a malfunctioning Integrated Electronic Brake (IEB) system.

The company has announced recalls for more than 52,000 vehicles due to a similar issue in several other countries, including South Korea and Australia.

The vehicle population affected by the recall is 7,704 model-years 2019/2020 Hyundai Kona hybrid sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and 472 Hyundai Nexo SUVs. The first group of vehicles was produced from Aug. 2018 through Nov. 2020 while the smaller group from Aug. 2018 through April 2020.

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According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Part 573 Safety Recall Report 20V-748 the malfunction might trigger the IEB system to disable its motor, thus reducing braking performance which could in turn extend the vehicle’s stopping distance and increase the possibility of a crash.

Dealers and Nexo, Kona owners will be notified beginning Jan. 22nd as to the recall by Hyundai.

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According to the NHTSA report, “Hyundai Motor America plans to notify owners of affected [Kona and Nexo] vehicles to return their vehicles to their Hyundai dealers for an IEB unit software update. The remedy procedure will be performed at no charge. Hyundai will provide reimbursement to owners for repairs.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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