Motorhomes Need Quality Brake Parts Advises TMD Friction

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Source: TMD Friction announcement

LEVERKUSEN, Germany — More and more motorhomes are on the roads in Europe – demand is booming, not least due to the Corona pandemic. In the next few weeks, many campers will take their vehicle out of hibernation and get it all set for new adventures. A comprehensive vehicle check, especially the brake system, is a must.

Especially safety-related parts such as tires, axle parts and brakes should be checked by a specialist workshop. After all, these parts are exposed to high loads in motorhomes, camping buses and vans. Compromises in quality can have fatal consequences; especially as these vehicles are often loaded to the hilt – and sometimes beyond – at which point the high center of gravity quickly pushes the chassis to its limits.

Special attention should be paid to properly functioning brake components, as they play a particularly important role in the safety of the vehicle: In an emergency stop, with the help of hidden components the brakes must slow the entire weight of the vehicle within a few seconds, so that the vehicle comes to a halt. It’s incredibly high load for a few square centimetres of friction material.

TMD Friction, manufacturer of Textar disc pads and drum-brake linings from Leverkusen, Germany, recommends that campers first dry brake parts before leaving their vehicles for long periods of time.

“In order to avoid damage when stationary, it is important to dry-brake the brakes before a longer period of time off – especially if you have been on a winter holiday with your vehicle and road salt may have been involved. Otherwise, heavy rust can form on the brake discs after just a few days, which you can no longer brake down easily,” explained Norbert Janiszewski, Technical Sales Support at TMD Friction – himself a passionate motorhome owner. “If the discs and pads have to be replaced, only quality parts from renowned brands should be used. The reason is that in terms of weight, motorhomes and camping buses are in reality travelling at the limit or even above it – a forbidden state of affairs – which in turn necessitates a certain safety reserve.”

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The experts for safe braking also recommend using engine braking when driving downhill to avoid overheating the brake and, in the worst case, stepping on the brake only to find that there is no stopping power left. Motorhome owners should also keep an eye on the brake fluid and have it changed regularly to prevent brake failure due to bubbling, for example.

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