Mintex Racing Aids Veterans at Annual Race

Mintex Racing, the esteemed braking brand under TMD Friction, recently announced its involvement in the 2023 Race of Remembrance at Anglesey Circuit. This event, held over the Remembrance weekend in November, featured a challenging 12-hour endurance race. The race was segmented into three distinct stints and saw a variety of cars competing. Mintex’s participation was in collaboration with the veterans’ charity, Mission Motorsport, which has been instrumental in aiding military personnel’s recovery through motorsport since 2011.

Why It Matters

The partnership between Mintex Racing and Mission Motorsport at this significant event underscores a growing trend of corporate involvement in social causes, particularly in supporting veterans. Mintex’s commitment to providing high-quality racing brakes for the participating vehicles symbolizes more than just technical support; it represents a tangible endorsement of the therapeutic and rehabilitative power of motorsport for veterans.

Key Points

  • Race of Remembrance: An annual 12-hour endurance race that focuses on the recovery of military veterans through motorsport.
  • Mintex’s Role: Supplied race and rally-approved brake pads and shoes to the Mission Motorsport team.
  • Vehicle Equipment: Mission Motorsport utilized a Citroen C1 equipped with Mintex brakes, as well as a Mazda MX5 and Toyota GT86, both fitted with Mintex Racing brake pads.
  • TMD Friction’s Support: Richard Barton, the category manager for Mintex Racing, emphasized the importance of the initiative for veteran recovery and rehabilitation.

Bottom Line

Mintex Racing’s support in the 2023 Race of Remembrance highlights the significant role of corporate entities in advancing social causes, particularly those aimed at aiding veterans. By providing high-performance braking equipment, Mintex not only enhances the safety and efficacy of the vehicles in the endurance race but also contributes to the broader goal of supporting veteran rehabilitation through motorsport. This event stands as a testament to the intersection of industry support and charitable causes, creating a unique platform for recovery, remembrance, and respect.


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