Milton Industries New Brake Releaser Fleet Kit for Frozen Air Brakes

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Source: Parts of the following were from a Fleet Equipment blog about Milton Industries’ latest product.

CHICAGO – Milton Industries says its new Brake Releaser Fleet Kit releases frozen trailer air brakes or pre-treats trailer air brakes to reduce the risks of frozen systems.

The kit allows a technician to propel anti-freeze and conditioner into trailer brake lines regardless of whether it is hooked to a trailer or compressed air.

The new Brake Releaser Fleet Kit works on dry vans, flatbeds, dump trucks, reefers, tankers and virtually any system with glad hand connectors, the company says.

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The new Brake Releaser Fleet Kit features the Brake Releaser reservoir and lid along with glad hand connectors, M-styler connectors, a whip hose and 75 PSI safety valve stored in a molded case. It is intended for use in a fleet shop, yard or service vehicle.

The standard Brake Releaser Kit and the advanced Brake Release Kit with accessories and bag, introduced last year, are still available for drivers to take on the road, the company says.

About Milton Industries

Milton Industries was founded in 1943 as a family business with a handful of products and a simple idea; provide the highest quality products for our customers.

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For the past 70 years, Milton has been the product of choice when it comes to pneumatic accessories. The company invented numerous industry standard products, including the classic M-Style “I/M” KWIK® Change Coupler and Plug, Window Inflator Guage, Safety Blow Guns and the iconic Driveway Signal chimes and bell. With these inventions, the company’s portfolio has grown to more than 1,400 different SKU’s. These products cover a broad range of applications in various industries, such as automotive, fleet maintenance, construction, and manufacturing.

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