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LEVERKUSEN, Germany — The Middle East, Africa, Asia & Pacific (MEAAP) region is one of the world’s largest growth markets. That also applies to the automotive aftermarket. Over the coming years, several million vehicles will switch to the used-vehicle segment in China alone, resulting in a huge boom in the aftermarket.

TMD Friction is one of the leading global providers of brake technology for original equipment as well as on the spare parts market.

The company identified this development early on and aligned its sales strategy for the region correspondingly, incorporating regional sales teams, local warehouses and production facilities. This ensures that the company is not only closer to its customers, but that it also has the capacity to serve the markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa directly, more successfully and more quickly.

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Marco Loth, Vice President and Commercial Director MEAAP at TMD Friction is the driving force behind this alignment to the needs of the region.

This feature (which follows) provides information on the background, measures and opportunities of the sales strategy of TMD Friction for the automotive aftermarket and the perspectives of the MEEAP region.

The posted feature article by TMD Friction:

Brake friction suppliers that also want to operate successfully in the MEAAP region aftermarket must adapt to regional trends. Traditional, primarily European organizational structures that cater to the rest of the world from the company headquarters in Europe are no longer able to meet the changing demands of the markets. Future-proof strategies must instead respond to dynamic situations and the needs of local customers and distribution partners.

Future-proof aftermarket sales strategies for the MEAAP region TMD Friction, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brake technology, decided to switch to a clearly customer-oriented strategy seven years ago.

In doing so, it aims to position the company’s own brands to ensure that they are precisely tailored to specific regions and their market requirements, vehicle segments and price classes.

While export managers had been catering to the market from Europe, TMD Friction gradually began opening its own local sales offices in 2016.

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Today TMD Friction has offices in Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai with a total of more than 30 employees. TMD Friction also has warehouses in Shanghai and Qingdao as well as its own production facilities in China that are operated directly by TMD Friction or the parent company Nisshinbo.

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