Mazda Recalls Kiwi Pickups For Brakes

WELLINGTON, New Zealand–Following Monday’s news that certain Ford Ranger models are set to be recalled for front brake issues, it’s now looking like a similar recall will soon take effect for the Mazda BT-50.

The Mazda and Ford are badge-engineered utes between the two companies, sharing a number of parts. These parts include the same front brake calipers and hoses that Ford labelled as potentially ‘not meeting specification’ in their recall statement earlier in the week.

According to overseas reports, the defective calipers have the potential to crack over time while hoses are said to rupture. 

Mazda Australia has now issued a joint formal recall for BT-50 models built between 2016 and 2018 for similar front brake caliper and brake hose concerns. Further reports have suggested that vehicles that have over 45,000km on the odometer with regular use on high suspension-travel roads (such as off-road trails) are especially vulnerable.

Mazda New Zealand says that while they haven’t witnessed any failure cases in New Zealand, they will soon start contacting customers directly to arrange replacements. “Regarding the brake hose recall announced by Ford Australia, we are aware of the campaign and are currently working on the finer details with Mazda Motor Corporation,” said a Mazda New Zealand spokesperson.

In the case of either a hose or caliper failure, a brake system warning sign will light up on the vehicle’s instrument cluster.

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