Kyocera Unveils Concept Moeye Autonomous Vehicle

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Source: Kyocera post

TOKYO – Kyocera, a global leader in electronics and industrial innovation, has developed Moeye, a concept electric autonomous vehicle packaged in a retro body design.

The concept highlights changing relationships between people and automobiles and features futuristic “aerial” display and next-generation technologies for optical camouflage, audio, lighting, and even fragrance.

“Moeye” Concept Car Overview

Anticipating continued advances in autonomous driving and mobility as a service, Kyocera focused on the importance of the car’s interior space to develop a futuristic cockpit that offers fresh innovations in a completely original vehicle design.

Through a collaboration with Prof. Masahiko Inami of the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Kyocera applied optical camouflage technology to widen the passenger’s field of vision by making part of the cockpit functionally transparent.

In addition, the Moeye concept is equipped with Kyocera’s latest technologies to enhance both safety and comfort, two key automotive design priorities.

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Aerial display (Kyocera’s original technology)

The high-performance liquid crystal display projects images clearly. In addition, the original character “Mobisuke” realistically emerges from the space above the dashboard and to explain navigation instructions, etc. to passengers.

Optical camouflage technology

The passenger sees a virtual 3D image of the road ahead projected onto the dashboard, rendering it functionally transparent via optical camouflage technology.

CERAPHIC LED lighting (Kyocera’s original technology)

Overhead and door lights provide biologically friendly illumination using Kyocera’s original CERAPHIC LED lighting, which allows better spectrum customization and more subtle color expression than conventional LED technology. CERAPHIC can closely match the spectrum of natural sunlight and freely adjusts light in the morning and evening for a more comfortable mobility experience.

Touch and Haptic Feedback Tactile Response Technology: HAPTIVITY®

The instrument panel and center console are equipped with Kyocera’s patented HAPTIVITY tactile feedback technology. When you touch the panel, your fingertip pressure generates a tiny vibration simulating the tactile feeling of a physical button. HAPTIVITY revolutionizes the human-machine interface by allowing passengers to operate touch-panel instruments in a natural and intuitive manner that conventional touch-panel displays cannot emulate.

Audio Enhancement: Piezo-integrated vibration speaker

The car features a vibration speaker using piezo elements which radiates sound throughout the cabin, creating a comfortable listening environment enjoyable to the ears. The headrest is also equipped with a vibration speaker to provide clear sound directly to the passenger.

Customizable cabin fragrance

Five types of fragrances are sprayed into the cabin, creating a comfortable space where you can enjoy choosing the fragrance according to your mood.

Comment from Ryuhei Ishimaru, President and Representative Director of Fortmarei Inc., lead designer of the Moeye concept car said:  “Moeye’s design theme is ‘Time.’ This concept car is designed to embody the history of the automobile from the ‘traditional’ to Kyocera’s ‘car of the future.’ The exterior profile evokes a classic coupe, while the details and geometric form give a clear sense of the future.

“The interior, which incorporates cutting-edge technology, has new shapes and warm textures that remind one of the era of hand-built craftsmanship. The cockpit features a minimalist design with a futuristic feel suitable for experiencing virtual reality.

“You can feel the future emerge from automotive tradition in ways that engage more of the five human senses, rather than shape and design alone.”

Masahiro Inagaki, Kyocera Corporation Senior Executive Officer, General Manager, Corporate R&D Group, commented: “Through Moeye, Kyocera has developed a surprising, exciting, and priceless new transportation experience with a futuristic cockpit and original vehicle design.

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“Kyocera combines a number of unique devices and technologies to create a concept car that entertains a variety of human senses—sight, touch, hearing, and scent. We will continue research and development on devices and technologies that contribute to enhanced safety and comfort in the era of automated driving and MaaS.

“Kyocera will continue to contribute to the realization of a safe, secure, and comfortable automotive society by developing unique devices and systems in the mobility segment to enable new automotive concepts and a better user experience.”

The entire post, along with several revealing images, can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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