Inspection Systems Keep Fleets Safe, on the Road

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Source: UVeye announcement

DETROIT — Automated vehicle-inspection-system pioneer UVeye is providing fleet operators in the U.S. with a fast, accurate way to detect costly vehicle problems that often are missed by drivers and service technicians.

High-speed inspection systems can reduce repair costs and keep fleet vehicles on the road, while helping to eliminate potential accidents, avoid costly downtime and improve overall vehicle safety.

UVeye’s vehicle scans use artificial intelligence, sensor fusion and high-tech camera systems to spot within seconds a wide range of issues ranging from worn tires to missing or defective underbody parts, including brakes.

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The company’s high-speed systems are much faster and more accurate than traditional service-lane inspections and help fleet operators correct problems before they can lead to much more costly repairs and downtime. 

“We are helping our fleet customers solve major problems caused by faulty vehicle- inspection processes,” says Mike Bush, UVeye’s director of North American fleet sales. “Today, manual inspections are not always done, and when they are done, they often are not done thoroughly.”

He points out that UVeye inspections are fast, accurate and standardized. They boost uptime and spot issues before they become major problems that can ground a vehicle or take it out of commission for major repairs. They also contribute to overall driver and vehicle safety.

“Detecting a problem early on can mean the difference between replacing a gasket and dealing with a blown engine,” Bush explains. “Catching a tire problem before it can cause a high-speed accident will save money and potentially save lives as well. About 11,000 tire-related accidents take place a year involving 600 fatalities in the U.S. alone, according to NHTSA.”

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A recent survey of UVeye customers showed that automated inspections can identify 96 percent of existing vehicle defects compared to just 24 percent for manual inspections, according to Bush.

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