Hella Pagid Expands Core-Free Caliper Range

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Source: Hella Pagid announcement

LIPPSTADT, Germany — The Essen brake specialist Hella Pagid is further extending its brake caliper range. The range of core-free brake calipers for the independent aftermarket has been expanded by 110 to 222 calipers for a wide variety of vehicle manufacturers.

As a result, the coverage of vehicle applications is growing from about 4,400 to almost 8,200, resulting in a coverage of just over 67 percent of German vehicle manufacturers.

Besides the established “Reman” products, i.e. remanufactured brake calipers with core charge, Hella Pagid has been offering a core-free range for a large part of the European vehicle stock since 2018.

This development means that Hella Pagid is a trailblazer on the European market.

The core charge presents wholesalers and workshops, especially small and medium-sized ones, with a host of challenges. Apart from processing costs and the capital tie-up for the core-charge items, above all storage capacities for the used parts make up a decisive factor in the equation.

Hella Pagid’s expanded product range known as “new core-free brake calipers” offers customers an alternative to remanufactured brake calipers.

“Our aim is to make our customers’ everyday work as simple and efficient as possible”, said Franziska Torm√∂hlen, Product Manager at Hella Pagid. “This is why wholesalers and workshops at Hella Pagid have the choice between remanufactured brake calipers including core charge and an extended range of core-free new parts. With the latter, workshops can dispose of the old parts immediately when replacing the brake calipers.”

Customers benefit from tested quality.

“We ensure that all brake calipers in our range not only meet but even exceed all valid criteria and specifications with regard to audited manufacturing processes, product tests and product quality”, said Thomas Gorkow, Director of Product Management & Marketing at Hella Pagid. “And this means that they can be combined excellently. This means that workshops can offer their customers two options from just one supplier.”

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Other bonuses of the new core-free parts are that they look great and have a premium accessory kit. As well as features such as grease, rubber parts and screws, guide bolts are also included, thus dispensing with time-consuming cleaning and expensive additional purchases.

“Every time the brake calipers are replaced, we recommend that the guide bolts are also renewed. This ensures that the sliding mechanism of the floating calliper functions perfectly and the brake pads can wear evenly and without a sound. That is why we supply workshops with a complete package straight away,” Gorkow explained.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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