Haldex, the Wielton Group Sign Three-Year Contract

Source: Haldex release

LANDSKRONA, Sweden – Haldex and the Wielton Group have entered into an agreement where Haldex will be the leading supplier of EBS and air suspension systems, thus supporting the Wielton Group to expand its services for fleets all over Europe.

The parties have signed a three-year contract, including supply of EBS and air suspension systems, to the Wielton Group, one of the leading trailer manufacturers in Europe. The Wielton Group manufactures approximately 16.000 vehicles per year, and its portfolio of brands include Wielton, Poland (8,000 trailers), Fruehauf, France (5,000 trailers), Lawrence David, UK (2,500 trailers) and Langendorf, Germany, (1,000 trailers). 

EBS controls the braking system electronically and can distribute the braking force differently between the wheels depending on need which results in a shorter braking distance compared to systems without EBS where the braking force on the wheels is always the same. The contract with the Wielton Group will be the first under which Haldex will supply the new generation – EBS 4.0.

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“This contract gives us an excellent opportunity to introduce our new EBS 4.0 for trailers for the whole Wielton Group and to grow the service and aftermarket throughout Europe”, said Klaus Regenfuss, vice president Haldex Trailer Europe.

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With an estimated value of a two-digit number in MEUR, the current partnership has been significantly expanded. Start of operations is planned to the end of first quarter 2021.

About Haldex

More than 100 years of powerful innovation gives Haldex unsurpassed expertise when it comes to braking systems and air suspension systems for heavy trucks, trailers and buses. The company lives and breathes its business with the goal to deliver robust and technically superior solutions which is founded in a deep insight in the customer’s reality. Through focusing on its core competences and the passion shared throughout Haldex, it achieves the agility and flexibility that the market demands. Innovative collaborations are not only the core of its products, but the company’s philosophy. The 2,200 employees, spread out across four continents, challenge the conventional daily in order to secure that the products the company delivers create a unique value for its customers and the end users. Haldex is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and have a turnover of approx. 5 billion SEK.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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