Haldex: Braking Innovation for Reliable Trailers and Beyond

Haldex isn’t just a name in brakes – it’s a synonym for reliability and innovation. For over a decade, their ModulT trailer disc brake has been a trusted workhorse across Europe, delivering exceptional performance with minimal support issues. But what makes ModulT so special?

Built to Last:

Several design features contribute to ModulT’s longevity. First, the open design allows for cooling and drainage, while a protective bellows shields moving parts from road debris. Second, stainless steel pins prevent brake caliper rust, while composite bushings eliminate the need for manual lubrication.

Third, the cast caliper body is meticulously optimized for strength and weight. Advanced software analyzes stress points, adding material where needed and removing it where not. This ensures even cooling and prevents structural imperfections.

Fourth, automation plays a crucial role in consistent quality. Every ModulT caliper is manufactured identically, with in-process measurements and random sampling ensuring precision.

Efficiency and Ease of Use:

ModulT’s single-tappet mechanism minimizes weight without compromising force distribution. Back-to-back double roller bearings further reduce friction and minimize hysteresis, a common energy loss in disc brakes.

Servicing is a breeze. Pad changes require no tools, thanks to a simple clip system clearly explained in picture-based instructions. This eliminates the risks associated with bolted connections and simplifies maintenance for technicians.

Beyond Trailers:

While Haldex excels in trailer brakes, their expertise extends to other areas. They supply SAF axles with automatic drum brake adjusters, ensuring consistent performance and eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Looking ahead, Haldex embraces connectivity. Their brake monitoring systems, ranging from simple wear indicators to continuous sensors, provide valuable data for optimizing safety and maintenance schedules.

Trucks on the Horizon:

In 2024, Haldex will venture into medium-duty truck brakes with new 17-inch and 19-inch calipers. This exciting development builds on their existing experience with heavy-duty brakes, including the 21-inch disc brake for Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

As Haldex expands its portfolio, one thing remains constant: their commitment to providing high-quality, reliable braking solutions for commercial vehicles. From trailers to trucks, Haldex is leading the way in braking innovation.


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