Haldex Applies for Delisting, Convenes EGM

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Source: Haldex announcement

LANDSKRONA, Sweden — SAF-HOLLAND SE (“SAF-HOLLAND”) declared the public offer for Haldex Aktiebolag (“Haldex” or the “Company”) unconditional on Aug. 18th. SAF-HOLLAND controls more than 90 per cent of the shares in Haldex and has communicated its intention to squeeze out the remaining shares in the company.

The Board of Haldex has resolved to apply for delisting of the company’s shares from Nasdaq Stockholm. The last day of trading in the company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm will be announced as soon as the company has received confirmation from Nasdaq Stockholm.

The Board of Haldex has further resolved to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 14th, for the purposes of, among other things, electing new Board members.

The Board has decided that the EGM is to be held through advance voting (postal voting) in accordance with temporary legislation. This means that the EGM will be conducted without the physical presence of shareholders, representatives or external parties and that shareholders will only be able to exercise their voting rights by postal voting in advance of the EGM in the manner described below.

About Haldex

More than 100 years of powerful innovation gives Haldex unsurpassed expertise when it comes to braking systems and air suspension systems for heavy trucks, trailers, and buses. The company lives and breathes its business with the goal to deliver robust and technically superior solutions which is founded in a deep insight in its customer’s reality. Through focusing on its core competences and the passion shared throughout the company, it achieves the agility and flexibility that the market demands. Innovative collaborations are not only the core of its products, but its philosophy.

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The 2,000 employees, spread out across four continents, challenge the conventional on a daily basis in order to secure that the products it delivers create a unique value for its customers and the end users. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and has a turnover of approx. 4.6 billion SEK.

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