GM Expands Pickup/SUV Brake Recall

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DETROIT – General Motors (GM) is expanding the number of vehicles it is recalling due to an issue in the power-brake system which might lead to a change in how the brakes operate and, potentially, a crash.

The latest recall adds 14,620 model year 2018 Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and GMC Yukon vehicles to the 3.46 million 2014-1018 pickup trucks and sport utilities recalled last year.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Part 573 Safety Recall Report 20V-603, over time the amount of brake assist produced by the system’s mechanical vacuum pump may decrease which might lead to drivers experiencing increased brake pedal effort, hard brake pedal, and/or potentially increased stopping distance.

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The condition is more prevalent at low speed when softly applying the brakes.

According to the NHTSA report, “at all times, the brakes remain functional and exceed the requirements of S7.11 of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 135, “Light Vehicle Brake Systems.”

NHTSA acknowledged these latest recalled vehicles should have been included in the original recall.

The remedy for the condition is dealer reprogramming of the Electronic Brake Control Module in these vehicles with a new calibration that will improve how the system utilizes the hydraulic brake boost assist function when vacuum assist is depleted.

Dealers have been notified of the expanded recall covering these 14,620 vehicles; owners will be notified beginning Nov. 16th.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

Mike Geylin is the Editor-in-Chief at Hagman Media. Geylin has been in automotive communications for five decades working in all aspects of the industry from OEM to supplier to motorsports as well as reporting for both newspapers and magazines on the industry.