Galfer’s MotoGP 2024 Podium Success

The 2024 MotoGP World Championship has kicked off with a remarkable start for Galfer at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar. Highlighting their first podium finish of the season in the Moto2 category, Galfer’s riders showcased exceptional performance, attributing their success to the advanced Floatech® brake discs and Racing G1310 sintered brake pads.

Key Highlights:

  • First Podium for Galfer: Moto2 riders equipped with Galfer brake systems secure top positions.
  • Advanced Brake Technology: Floatech® discs and G1310 pads offer superior braking performance.
  • Broad Adoption: Five teams and ten riders in Moto3 rely on Galfer’s high-performance braking systems.
  • Consistent Performance: Galfer’s braking solutions excel in various conditions, proving crucial for competitive racing.

Galfer equips its MotoGP World Championship riders with an array of Floatech® brake discs, allowing for customization based on track specifics and climate conditions. This versatility, combined with the high performance of the G1310 sintered brake pads, gives it a competitive edge. The Floatech® brake discs stand out for their improved thermal behavior and perfect pad-disc alignment, while the G1310 pads are noted for their stable performance and quick bedding-in process.

The MT Helmets-MSI team’s riders, Sergio García and Ai Ogura, both utilizing Galfer’s braking technology, achieved 3rd and 4th places respectively in Moto2. This success underscores Galfer’s pivotal role in racing, where every detail counts, especially in Moto2 and Moto3 categories known for their tight competition.

In Moto3, the brand’s reliability and performance continue to be the choice for multiple teams, including the world champion Leopard Racing team and the promising Boe Motorsport team, emphasizing Galfer’s commitment to excellence in the fiercely competitive MotoGP arena.

Galfer’s braking systems not only enhance rider confidence by allowing for safer overtakes but also play a crucial role in securing top positions in the tight and slow corners of MotoGP races, proving that in the high-stakes world of motorcycle racing, superior technology and reliability can make all the difference.

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