Galfer Launches New Brake Pads

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BARCELONA — The combination of high-quality brake pads and discs is essential to guarantee the optimal functioning of any brake system. As a brake system specialist, Galfer is well aware of this. With 70 years’ experience, Galfer is a benchmark in the sector, its brand being synonymous with high technology, reliability and high performance.

After celebrating numerous titles and victories in MotoGP and WSBK competitions, Galfer has chosen the year of its 70th anniversary to launch the new Racing G1310 brake pads onto the market. It is a component developed for competitive use on the track as well as for everyday use on sports motorcycles.

The new G1310 brake pads are the result of years of development and tests carried out in collaboration with Galfer teams and riders such as Dennis Foggia (Leopard Racing Moto3), Lorenzo Baldassarri (Evan Bros Yamaha Supersport 600), and the former rider and world champion, Marco Melandri. This has enabled them to achieve the high quality required to satisfy the needs and demands of both competition use and of high-performance supersport and enthusiasts of naked motorcycles.

Thanks to the excellent coefficient of friction and ability to maintain high stability and a consistent performance even at high temperatures, the Galfer G1310 high-performance sintered brake pads allow for strong, progressive and modulated braking from the first to the last lap of a race. In addition, these pads cause minimum wear to the brake disc.

With the launch of its new G1310 pads onto the market, brake system specialist Galfer has created a high-tech product, taking advantage of the requests and demands for the very high performance required for competition use. Accordingly, Galfer is offering the market a very valid alternative to the original pads in today’s sports bikes and race replicas, which now, more than ever before, require a high-quality brake system to respond to the increased power and performance they are capable of.

Galfer has more than met the challenge, and the new Galfer G1310 is a product capable of guaranteeing top performance and maximum versatility with consistent functionality (irrespective of the operating temperature and the environmental conditions), both for use in competitions, where pads are pushed to their limit, and for use on the open road.

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The new sintered Galfer Racing G1310 brake pads guarantee an excellent initial bite, high adjustable braking power, and remarkable stability throughout the race, offering maximum performance when used together with Galfer Floatech® brake discs, thanks to the perfect alignment between the brake pads and discs and their low weight.

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