Galfer Unveils Colored Discs at Eicma 2023

To commemorate the 80th Eicma International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, premier Spanish braking systems company, Galfer, has introduced its latest Disc Wave® discs. Specifically tailored for V-Twin custom motorcycles (like Harley Davidson) enthusiasts, these discs come in six striking colors—red, blue, gold, orange, gloss black, and contrasting black. This new range allows bikers to customize their rides while also significantly boosting braking efficiency.

Galfer’s fresh range is not solely about aesthetics. While the vibrant colors, derived from a unique color anodizing treatment on the 7075 T6 aluminum center, enhance the motorcycle’s appearance, the brand emphasizes that performance isn’t compromised. Galfer’s commitment is clear: offering riders a solution where they no longer have to choose between style and performance. Their Disc Wave® discs guarantee enhanced braking precision, remarkable weight reduction, and consequently, heightened safety and control on the road.

Galfer Unveils Colored Discs at Eicma 2023

Key Points

  • New Disc Wave® discs available in six colors: red, blue, gold, orange, gloss black, and contrasting black.
  • Discs underwent a special color anodizing treatment.
  • Designed for V-Twin custom motorcycles, like Harley Davidson.
  • Reference sizes available:
    • DF680CW*: front disc ø292mm.
    • DF681CW*: rear disc ø292mm.
    • DF835CW*: front disc ø300mm.
    • DF836CW*: rear disc ø300mm.
    • DF680CWSX*: front disc oversize ø330mm.
  • Retail prices: €289 for ø292 mm & ø300 mm sizes, €309 for oversize ø330 mm.

Bottom Line

Galfer’s latest product release signifies a pivotal moment for motorcycle enthusiasts, as they no longer need to pick between aesthetics and performance. The new Disc Wave® discs not only offer a variety of colors to match any motorcycle’s design but also promise optimal performance, ensuring bikers get the best of both worlds.


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