Galfer Announces Leadership Transition

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Industrias Galfer (Galfer), a leading manufacturer of friction materials and components for braking systems for the motorcycling and bicycle segments, has announced a significant shift in its leadership structure, marking a new era for the company as it moves beyond its 70th-anniversary celebrations. The departure of Umberto Milesi from the General Management role, a position he held since 2008, signifies the end of an era of remarkable achievements both in business and sports. Under Milesi’s leadership, Galfer not only reached record figures over the past three years but also secured over 100 World titles, showcasing the brand’s dominance in the supply of braking products across various competitions.

Key Highlights:

  • Umberto Milesi steps down as CEO after a successful tenure.
  • Francisco Catena Martínez takes over as the new CEO.
  • Catena’s background includes roles in Business Analysis, Trade Marketing, and Sales Management.
  • A focus on competitive environment, consumer needs, and attention to detail under Catena’s leadership.
  • Galfer looks to the future with a strategy of innovation, technology, and unique designs.

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In mid-2023, Francisco Catena Martínez was appointed as the new CEO of Galfer, bringing a fresh perspective from his extensive experience in various sectors, including Infrastructure, Perfume, Cosmetics, and FMCG. Catena, who possesses a deep passion for motorsport and biking, aims to propel Galfer into a new phase of growth, focusing on the competitive environment, consumer demands, and meticulous attention to detail.

Catena’s statement reflects his commitment and vision for the company, emphasizing the importance of innovation, technology, performance, and unique designs in maintaining Galfer’s success. He stresses the need for collective engagement from employees, partners, clients, distributors, and collaborators to continue building on Galfer’s legacy and face the future with enthusiasm and determination.

As Francisco Catena Martínez takes the helm, Galfer is poised to strengthen its position in the market, leveraging his experience in brand management and strategic positioning. This generational change in leadership is not just a transition but an opportunity for Galfer to redefine its trajectory and secure its place as a leader in the industry.

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