Regardless of Terrain, GALFER has the Brakes

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BARCELONA — GALFER, the Spanish manufacturer of high-quality brake systems, offers riders the chance to choose the best solution for their brakes regardless of the type of terrain they will be navigating.

GALFER products are available for all Trail and Maxi Enduro models from the main manufacturers on the market, such as Honda Africa Twin, KTM Adventure, BMW GS, Yamaha Tracer and Tenere, Suzuki V-Storm, Triumph Tiger or Ducati Multistrada, among others.


GALFER “Disc Wave®” brake discs are designed for an Adventure enthusiast who alternates normal road use with more racing-style riding on all types of off-road terrain.

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One of its main features is the design of its “Wave” brake rotor surface which works with improved air circulation (cooling), a weight reduction of 15-25 percent compared to round discs and an increase in grip capacity (bite), thus improving braking features and performance.

Furthermore, these discs differ aesthetically from traditional round OEM discs.

GALFER offers floating Disc Wave® discs (CW-FLW) for the front axle and fixed Disc Wave® discs (W) for the rear axle for most trail bike models on the market.

These “Disc Wave®” discs were conceived, developed and patented by GALFER in the 1990s and are still in use today thanks to their innovative and continually evolving designs. They are manufactured with a single design line using materials of the highest quality, providing performance of the utmost excellence. It should also be noted that the “Disc Wave®” disc has German TÜV KBA type approval (No. 61147 – 61148).

Disc Wave® discs are developed and tested to work best with GALFER brake pads, combining highly effective performance consistency, even under extreme conditions of use, with reduced weight.


The right combination of quality brake pads and discs is essential to ensure the optimal functioning of any braking system and maximum performance in terms of reliability and driving experience.

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This is why GALFER can offer, with its range of pads made from a wide variety of compounds, the best in terms of performance, comfort and durability for all types of motorbikes and models.

GALFER has recently launched a new high-quality range on the market with unrivalled features for high-powered Trail and Maxi Enduro motorbikes.

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