Galfer Takes Mini Moto Braking to the Next Level

Pit and Mini GP bikes – the miniature marvels of the motorcycle world – just got a major upgrade. Galfer, the braking behemoth, has unleashed a dedicated catalog of brake discs and pads tailored specifically for these pint-sized powerhouses.

This meticulous collection caters to both adult enthusiasts and aspiring champions, ensuring optimal stopping power for every lap. Whether you’re tearing up tarmac circuits on a 2-stroke (60cc-85cc) or 4-stroke (90cc-212cc) beast, Galfer has your ride covered.

Enhanced Performance, Guaranteed Safety:

Galfer’s dedication to braking excellence translates into products that not only boost Mini Moto performance but also prioritize rider safety. Their discs and pads are meticulously crafted to:

  • Optimize braking efficiency: Say goodbye to sluggish stops and hello to laser-sharp control.
  • Enhance heat dissipation: Tackle those sizzling laps with confidence, knowing your brakes can handle the heat.
  • Guarantee exceptional stopping power: Every lap, every corner, controlled with precision.

Disc Delights:

  • Fixed Disc Wave® W: This innovative disc boasts wavy inner and outer tracks for even pad wear. Its larger surface area dissipates heat like a champ, guaranteeing consistent performance lap after lap. Crafted from high-carbon stainless steel and protected by an EPD coating, it’s as durable as it is effective. (RRP: €62-€65 + VAT)
  • Floating Disc Wave® FLW: Taking performance to the next level, this disc features a floating design that isolates the braking track from the core, further enhancing thermal management. The result? Cooler brakes, consistent power, and total control over your fiery steed. (RRP: €99 + VAT)

Pad Perfection:

  • Semi-metallic G1054: This versatile compound shines in cold conditions (0-150°C), delivering both impressive braking power and whisper-quiet operation. It’s kind to your discs, requiring minimal running-in time, making it a budget-friendly champion. (RRP: €14-€20 + VAT)
  • Sintered metal G1370-96: When the heat is on, this high-temperature warrior thrives. Its phenomenal thermal stability ensures consistent stopping power even on the hottest circuits. And with its precise control and exceptional bite, you’ll conquer every corner with confidence. (RRP: €26-€28 + VAT)

Galfer’s commitment to braking innovation knows no bounds, even in the miniaturized world of Mini Motos. So, strap on your helmet, choose your disc and pad duo, and experience the thrilling difference Galfer brings to your pint-sized ride.

Ready to unleash your Mini Moto’s full potential?

Download the catalogue and discover how Galfer can elevate your riding experience:


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