Frasle Mobility Boosts India Operations

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Frasle Mobility is making significant strides within the Indian region and is poised for an ambitious expansion. Celebrating five years in India, the company plans to increase the production of friction components by 25% in 2024.This move is aimed at reinforcing its supply to commercial vehicle manufacturers, marking a pivotal phase in its growth trajectory within the world’s third-largest auto market.

Key Highlights:

  • Expansion: Production of friction components set to increase by 25% in 2024.
  • Partnership: Collaboration with ASK Automotive enhances local manufacturing capabilities.
  • Innovation: A dedicated development and testing lab supports market-specific product adaptations.
  • Market Growth: Aim to capture 20% OEM market share with a significant boost in sales forecasted.
  • Production Forecast: Estimates suggest nearly 9.37 million brake linings and 180,000 brake pads in 2024.

Frasle Mobility’s global footprint has been steadily expanding, with its India operations through a joint venture with ASK Automotive serving as a cornerstone of its strategy. This partnership enables the local production of auto parts like brake pads and linings under the Fras-le brand, catering specifically to the Indian market’s needs. With a manufacturing unit in Manesar, this collaboration not only satisfies domestic demands but also serves as a gateway for exporting to over 100 countries.

The operation’s unique offering includes a state-of-the-art development and testing laboratory, ensuring products meet the local market’s standards and requirements. This facility underscores Frasle Mobility’s commitment to delivering high-quality, tailored solutions.

Looking ahead, Frasle Mobility’s strategic initiatives are set to bolster its standing in the OEM market. The company’s recent financials reflect a positive growth trajectory, with a projected 25% market growth in 2024. This optimism is further buoyed by the ASK Fras-le Friction’s goal to achieve a 20% share in the OEM market, highlighting the significant demand for Fras-le linings.

The comprehensive production outlook for 2024, encompassing the Indian OEM and aftermarket segments, as well as exports, anticipates a substantial increase in brake lining and pad production. “It is a strategic market for our operations in that region, with great potential for internal growth, especially in the pads lines, and also for export to other global markets in Brake Linings,” says Anderson Pontalti, COO of Frasle Mobility. This expansion not only exemplifies Frasle Mobility’s dedication to the Indian market but also sets a benchmark for its global operations strategy.

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