FERODO Racing Brakes for Road Bikes, E-Bikes

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Source: Tenneco announcement

KONTICH, Belgium — FERODO Racing’s unparalleled success at the highest levels of two- and four-wheel competition has resulted in the development of a new range of top-performing brake pads, discs and fluid for conventional and electric bicycles.

The new FERODO offer that will be introduced in the occasion of Eurobike 2022 (July 12-17) in Frankfurt enables mountain bikers, road racers and other biking enthusiasts to enjoy the brand’s “power of performance,” including exceptional braking precision response and outstanding reliability in all operating environments.

FERODO brakes are a leading choice of premier teams in dozens of two- and four-wheel racing series.

In two-wheel competition, the brand provides leading-edge technologies and technical support to teams and riders in World Superbike, World Supersport, MXGP Motocross, Enduro GP and other series.

 Many four-wheel teams and drivers are braking with the company’s components in FIA Formula 4, GT3 and GT4 and World Rally Championship racing, along with several other series.

“Our new bicycle and eBike range is a natural extension of FERODO’s braking expertise in the motorcycle category,” said Sergio Bonfanti, FERODO Racing Managing Director. “Our engineers’ primary focus is to help make riders safe so they can focus on being as fast as possible.”

The new FERODO range for bicycles includes:

FERODO mid-metallic eBike brake pads featuring an advanced friction compound formulated to provide top performance and outstanding service life for all forms of eBike riding

FERODO mid-metallic brake pads developed specifically for mountain biking and on-road environments

FERODO high-carbon steel, tempered (HRC 39 hardness) brake discs available for use with all pad types. Available in center-lock and one-piece designs.

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FERODO DOT 4 brake fluid

FERODO brakes for bicycles and eBikes are the latest in the brand’s more than 125-year history of braking innovations. FERODO manufactured its first brake products, for horse-drawn carriages, in 1897. In 1956 the company manufactured the first disc brake pads for a mass-produced automobile – the Triumph TR 3. Today the company’s brake pads, discs, hydraulics and other products are leading choices of global vehicle manufacturers, workshop technicians, racing teams and consumers.

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