FERODO® Launches its First EV Brake Fluid

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DERBYSHIRE, U.K. – FERODO®, a preferred partner to vehicle manufacturers in the development of premium friction products for more than 100 years, has a brake fluid formulated specifically to address the unique  demands of hybrid and electric vehicles (EHV). FERODO FBE050 DOT 5.1EHV brake fluid offers a variety of enhanced characteristics designed to help optimize overall brake system performance on these vehicles.

Brake system requirements for electric and hybrid vehicles are different than those for vehicles equipped with conventional powertrains. Because EHV models feature large, heavy batteries, extra stopping power is needed in certain operating situations. Additionally, intermittent engagement of the vehicles’ regenerative braking systems can prevent proper heating of brake pads and discs.

To absorb this added stress, EHV models need an enhanced brake fluid with high dry and wet boiling points. Also, because regenerative braking systems can help extend the service life of brake pads and related components, the brake fluid is likely to be replaced less frequently, possibly leading to corrosion issues. Another concern are the potential electrical currents near the braking system, which may occur if the brake fluid has moderate to high levels of electrical conductivity.

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“FERODO® FBE050 brake fluid is the first fluid formulated specifically to address each of these concerns and contribute to improved brake system performance and reliability on hybrid and electric vehicles,” said Ronald De Wilde, Brand Manager FERODO, DRiV™ Motorparts.

“Vehicle service providers and their customers rely on FERODO to gain the power of performance in every area of braking system technology, including the highly specialized demands of vehicles equipped with electric powertrains.”

High dry boiling point (274° C)
High wet boiling point (184° C)
Enhanced corrosion resistance
Reduced conductivity
Low viscosity (meets ISO 4926 Class 6)
Meets and exceeds DOT 3, 4, 5.1 and 4LV specifications

In addition to the new, FBE050 brake fluid, FERODO offers quality replacement brake pads for 98 percent of electric and hybrid passenger vehicles on European roads. The brand’s ECO-Friction® brake pad is highly efficient for electric cars, hybrids and vehicles equipped with electronic parking brakes.

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