Endless New Brake System for Nissan GT-R

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INDIANAPOLIS – Japanese brake manufacturer Endless showed carbon-ceramic brakes as part of its new system for the Nissan R35 GT-R at the recent Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show here.

A heavyweight like the Nissan R35 GT-R is always going to have its share of braking issues on the circuit. At nearly 3,900 pounds, it requires massive anchors to stop hard consistently and without fade.

Fortunately, as its advanced chassis and drivetrain help mask its heft, the GT-R is a veritable weapon on the circuit — when modified correctly. To address the need for braking performance, one of the most famous Japanese brake manufacturers has stepped in with a very intriguing new system.

Those familiar with the Japanese tuning scene are no doubt aware of Endless. The company caters to both the avid enthusiast and professional racing teams, and this new product is a reflection of its varied expertise. Endless’ Carbon Matrix Composites (CMC) brake rotors offer the hard-charging track rat the consistency and heat dissipation required to run full sessions at ten-tenths.

These brakes are very similar to its NISMO-rebranded items used Super Taikyu racing, so these rotors are designed to withstand absurd temperatures. Additionally, they shave a good deal of weight from each corner — each 400mm rotor weighs in at just under 17 pounds, which makes it roughly eight-pounds lighter than a comparable steel rotor. With a big bruiser like the GT-R, every pound saved makes a difference — especially if it’s unsprung weight.

These CMC brakes are long-lasting and reasonably priced — much more so than carbon-ceramic brakes found on exotics. For a two-piece rotor that can give powerful, heavyset track cars, the sort of repeatable stopping performance to put them on par with lighter machines, they’re a relative bargain.

Fortunately, since heavy, powerful cars are becoming more common, Endless can provide owners of vehicles with comparable stats with these carbon rotors. “In addition to the GT-R, our process makes it very easy to make custom rotors for any two-piece hat CAD file you can supply,” said Eric Cho, Sales Director for Endless.

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