DBA Ups Commitment to Australian Manufacturing

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Source: Australian Car Mechanic post

SYDNEY – Despite global economic challenges seen during this Covid-19 period, Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) continues to invest in Australian manufacturing, research and development.

DBA has recently bolstered its Sydney manufacturing facility through the upgrade and addition of a Doosan CNC Vertical Machining Center and a Hyundai WIA Vertical Lathe.

The new equipment replaces machinery utilized by the company during its long manufacturing history and will be put to good use manufacturing DBA’s 4000 and 5000 series performance disc brake rotors and in the development of prototypes and foundry tooling for new product designs.

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The ability to develop tooling for foundry castings of new products and validate new products designed by DBA’s research-and-development team has been critical to DBA’s success over the years.

Having added more than 400 new rotor applications in the last 12 months and approaching half a million units sold per year, it is critical DBA are able to design, test and produce brake rotors ahead of the industry. DBA is also proud to be able to export Australian designed and manufactured products across the world.

What most customers do not realize is the labor intensity of manufacturing performance rotors in Australia.

As an example, DBA’s 5000 series two-piece rotors start off life in a computer aided design (CAD) model, which is used to design and manufacture a core box/pattern in DBA’s CNC Vertical Machining Centre. These core boxes and patterns are then used to turn molten metal into a high carbon raw casting.

The raw casting is then rough and finish turned on machines such as the Hyundai WIA, mounting holes are drilled, they are then balanced, heat treated to relieve stress, twin cut to minimize disc thickness variation (DTV), and then slotted or cross drilled (depending on consumer preference), painted and heat stripe paint markings are then applied. An exhaustive process!

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