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Celebrating six decades at the forefront of wheel-end technology, ConMet has launched an insightful new series of service videos. This initiative underscores ConMet’s commitment to sharing its unparalleled expertise with industry technicians and service professionals. The ConMet Service Video Series is crafted to disseminate invaluable knowledge and guidance, ensuring that these key industry players have access to the tools and insights necessary for the optimal care and maintenance of wheel-end components.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of ConMet Service Video Series to share 60 years of wheel-end expertise
  • Videos cover essential service and maintenance for ConMet components
  • Accessible on ConMet’s YouTube channel, enhancing skills for technicians and service personnel
  • Future releases planned, covering a broad range of service topics

In an era where practical knowledge and technical proficiency are paramount, the ConMet Service Video Series emerges as a vital resource. The series kicks off with videos on fundamental topics such as wheel hub identification and the PreSet Plus® hub assembly replacement, hub lubrication, among others. These videos are essential for anyone looking to master the maintenance and service of ConMet components, directly impacting the performance and durability of these crucial parts.

ConMet is thrilled to share its extensive industry knowledge in the form of service videos,” remarked Nick Tosie, National Service Director for ConMet. This sentiment reflects the company’s dedication to equipping its customers and technicians with top-notch resources for enhancing their knowledge and efficiency in servicing ConMet components.

The release of these videos marks a significant milestone for ConMet, allowing it to extend its rich legacy of innovation and expertise to a broader audience. The company has plans to expand this series, promising to cover a comprehensive range of service and maintenance procedures, thereby solidifying viewers’ understanding of ConMet products.

Roger Maye, Director of Technical Service at ConMet, highlighted the broader vision, “These videos connect ConMet’s legacy of innovation with the hands-on expertise of technicians and service personnel.” This initiative is not just about sharing knowledge; it’s about fostering a community of skilled professionals who share a passion for wheel-end technology.

ConMet’s dedication to innovation and excellence has positioned it as a revered leader in wheel-end technology. With the launch of its service video series, ConMet is poised to enrich the industry’s knowledge base, making significant strides toward enhancing the proficiency of technicians and service personnel across the sector.

For those eager to dive into this wealth of knowledge, the ConMet Service Video Series is readily available on ConMet’s YouTube channel.

About ConMet: A global frontrunner in the manufacturing of OEM and aftermarket wheel hubs, as well as structural plastic and aluminum casting components, ConMet stands as a beacon of innovation, quality, and performance. Its enduring partnership with OEMs and aftermarket clients worldwide is a testament to its leadership and commitment to excellence. Discover more about ConMet and its offerings at

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