ChrisFix Demos Benefits of Galvanized Brake Pads

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TENNERT, N.J. – Chris Magello, better known to his more than seven-million YouTube followers as automotive guru ChrisFix, has often sung the praises of galvanized brake pads and on a recent Instagram post demonstrated some of their benefits.

The genesis of the post was a customer complaint about noise from the front driver’s side wheel area. Magello’s investigation revealed corrosion on the painted brake pad resulted in some of the friction material breaking away which was the source of the noise.

He also explained noise was just one of the issues resulting from rusting brake pads, with diminished braking capability being even more critical.

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The fix was replacing the faulty pad ahead of its predicted life cycle, an action Magello explained could have been avoided with the use of – in his words – NRS Brakes galvanized pads.

During the video he highlighted the superior durability and performance, especially in winter conditions when roads are salted for long parts of the year of pads like those of NRS Brakes.

Magello explained in the video his goal is “to get these galvanized brake pads on all of my cars as the old pads wear. They (the NRS pads) will not rust and will last multiple winters, no problem!”

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He went on to explain NRS galvanized brake pads are neither glued nor painted as is common in most aftermarket pads.

About ChrisFix

Chris Magello describes his YouTube presence this way:

My YouTube channel is the world’s largest automotive DIY channel on YouTube. I started my channel with the goal of helping people learn how to fix their car so they could save money and maybe even start a new hobby with cars! Since then, I have been able to teach millions of people all over the world, from every country, on every continent, how to fix and maintain their car. Each video is a step-by-step, how-to style demonstration that has the best camera angles, sharp focus, and clear audio so after watching it, you will be able to fix your own car.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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