Cheetah Chooses ConMet PreSet Plus® Hub Assemblies for Its Trailers

Vancouver, Wash. – In a move set to elevate the standard of container chassis and specialized flatbed trailers, Cheetah Chassis, a manufacturer based in Berwick, Pennsylvania, has selected ConMet‘s PreSet Plus hub assemblies as its preferred choice.

ConMet, a global leader in innovative technologies for commercial trucks and trailers, welcomes this partnership, marking a significant stride in the pursuit of excellence and reliability in the industry.

Cheetah Chassis has long been celebrated for its meticulous manufacturing processes, which result in robust yet lightweight container chassis designed to withstand the test of time. This decision to integrate PreSet Plus wheel ends into its product lineup reaffirms their unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier quality.

James Boucher, Materials Manager at Cheetah Chassis, emphasized the importance of this selection, stating, “At Cheetah Chassis, we prioritize proven solutions that contribute to the overall success of our customers’ operations. When specifying supplier components, we follow our best-in-class requirements, including quality, ease of installation, warranty, future maintenance, and safety. By choosing PreSet Plus, we’re equipping our trailers with the most advanced wheel end technology that offers enhanced efficiency and reduced maintenance.”

PreSet Plus hub assemblies incorporate specially designed components, such as seals, pre-adjusted bearings, wheel studs, spindle nuts, and ABS-tone rings, ensuring optimal safety and reliability. ConMet‘s proprietary spacer ensures a precise dimensional distance between the inner and outer bearings, facilitating accurate adjustment when torquing the spindle nut.

Moreover, the inclusion of a fill hole simplifies and expedites lubrication, while a standard magnetic fill plug aids in lubricant inspection. The integrated spindle nut system, protected by a patent, significantly enhances wheel end clamp load, simplifies installation, eases hub removal for servicing, and elevates safety standards across the board.

This strategic partnership between Cheetah Chassis and ConMet promises to set a new benchmark for trailer performance and safety, reflecting the commitment of both companies to delivering excellence in the commercial truck and trailer industry. With the adoption of ConMet’s PreSet Plus hub assemblies, customers can look forward to even greater reliability and efficiency in their operations.

About Cheetah Chassis:

Since the beginning of Intermodalism, Cheetah Chassis has been manufacturing container chassis for some of the world’s largest companies from our factories in Berwick, Pennsylvania and Sumter, South Carolina. Increasingly flexible chassis manufacturing systems have enabled the Cheetah team to produce specialty chassis that do much more than just carry ISO standard containers.

About ConMet:

ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a leading global supplier of wheel hubs, aluminum castings, and structural plastics to original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket channels in the commercial vehicle industry. Founded in 1964, ConMet innovation has been critical in designing, engineering,


Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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