DETROIT, Mich.–In unity there is power… braking power! In fact, perfect operation of the braking system also depends on the collaboration between different components. If discs and pads are high quality and designed for optimum interaction, the entire braking system will benefit.

Grip, performance and pedal feeling, but also comfort and durability: in terms of braking advantages, the Xtra and Brembo Maxsport discs are unparalleled in accompanying the Brembo Xtra pads.

And, to make any match last, everyone know that wear is one of the main pitfalls to avoid. Over the long term, attrition can lead to worn discs, which in turn accelerate the pad deterioration process! The same corrosive dynamic also takes place when things are reversed – when it is pad wear that causes excessive brake disc wear. And a structurally worn system develops higher temperatures in braking, triggering a series of other problems to the detriment of the peaceful cohabitation – and correct operation–of all the components in the system.

But how can we prevent this vicious cycle? By exploiting the combined advantages offered by the X-Range discs and Brembo Xtra pads! So, let’s have a detailed look at the characteristics.