Brembo UPGRADE Passes the Test

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Source: Brembo announcement

STEZZANO, Italy — Designed and tested for high performance vehicle enthusiasts, Brembo UPGRADE braking systems guarantee highly responsive, controllable and safe braking both for normal road use and short sessions on the track.

The Brembo UPGRADE brake systems offer a wide range of solutions, both from a technical/performance and aesthetic point of view, that are able to meet the needs of all those who want to upgrade their own system for a sportier performance, improved safety or simply to give their own vehicle a unique, personal style.

But what is the real difference between a stock brake system and a Brembo one?

The website organized a comparative test drive on the track under the same conditions which compared the stock system on a 7th generation Golf R with a Brembo brake system in the UPGRADE range.

The test

To give accurate results, the two systems were tested under extreme conditions: the Golf braked with a full load, the equivalent of four passengers on board. Seven sandbags were loaded onto each car, each weighing 25 kg, plus the weight of the two engineers on board to give a total weight of over 330 kg. This was done to get maximum performance out of the brake discs, calipers and pads.

The test consisted of two sessions of ten emergency braking episodes each, with ABS, without interruptions. The test then ended with another five rapid braking episodes at a speed of 150 km/h (93 mph).

The first brake system to be tested was the Golf stock system. The test was then repeated, this time with the Brembo UPGRADE range brake system.

The results

The results, after completing the two tests, were clear cut and clearly in favor of the Brembo brakes, perhaps even beyond expectations.

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The numbers speak for themselves. The Brembo brake system braked better under all conditions with shorter braking distances than the Golf stock brakes. It was also better at withstanding the extreme stresses of the test and the drop in performance caused by the increase in thermal load was much less than the stock brakes.

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