Brembo to Supply All Racers for 2022 F1 Season

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Source: Brembo announcement

STEZZANO, Italy — Brembo has confirmed its commitment to the Formula One World Championship ahead of the new season, which starts March 20th with the Bahrain Grand Prix, by supplying every team with braking components.

This year the industry-leading innovator of brake technology has designed customized systems for each team, drawing on extensive experience gained through 47 Formula One seasons, in which cars with Brembo brakes have won 27 Drivers’ World Championships, 31 Constructors’ World Championships and 463 Grand Prix races.

The company will also supply most of the cars with hydraulic (calipers, pumps and by-wire units) and friction parts (carbon discs and pads).

New braking systems specifically for 2022 single seaters

Brembo brakes will have a key role to play in the 2022 Formula One season. The Group’s technicians have designed an all-new braking system that complies with the latest FIA regulations and limits while ensuring performance remains front and center.

These regulations see wheel diameter increase from 13 inches to 18 inches and this in turn requires larger brake discs. For 2022, the diameter of Brembo front axle carbon discs increases from 278mm up to as much as 328mm, while the maximum thickness remains unchanged at 32mm. Those on the rear axle increase from 266mm to 280mm, with the thickness increasing from 28mm to 32mm.

Positioning of the calipers and pads has also been part of the redesign

Another important point of difference concerns the air intake flaps, which are “prescribed components” and so must be identical across all Formula One cars. This change limits their use in increasing aerodynamic load and cooling the braking system.

Other regulations have affected brake disc design still further. Until 2021, discs could be pierced with up to 1,480 holes of 2.5mm diameter. This year, the requirements allow for between 1,000 and 1,100 holes at the front and around 900 at the back, compared with 1,050 holes previously.

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The updated rules also impose a new minimum diameter of 3mm. This means that while disc thickness stays the same, there will be fewer and larger holes, reducing cooling ability. Perforated brake pads have also been banned this season so Brembo is offering teams a choice of two alternative configurations.

In terms of weight, the 2022 braking system is around 700g heavier per wheel, adding almost 3kg to the total weight of cars compared to last season.

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