Brembo Prepares a Braking Guide for Riyadh E-Prix

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Source: Brembo announcement

STEZZANO, Italy – In preparation for the first night E-Prix in the history of Formula E Feb. 26-27, Brembo race engineers have analyzed the brake needs for the Riyadh track.

Brembo, a global leader in braking systems, is the sole supplier of the entire braking system for the FIA Formula E World Championship through constructor Spark Racing Technology.

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The 24-driver electric duel in the desert requires a lot of energy and the brakes are a key element in the strategy for victory. The maximum braking power generated by the friction between the pads and discs is approximately 450 kW, double that of the single-seater’s powertrain.

Some 23 percent of the lap time is spent braking, for a total of approximately 14 km at the end of the race.

By crossing the finish line after 45 minutes plus one lap, each driver will have exerted an overall force on the brake pedal of about 10 tons, with peaks of 100 kg in the most demanding braking sections.

On the Riyadh track, the three most demanding braking sections are one after the other. At Turn 18, after a long straight, the single seaters must slow down by more than 100 km/h in about 80 meters and in three seconds.

After two light turns where the braking system is not subjected to significant strain, the Gen2s tackle Turn 21: a 90-degree angle where in two seconds drivers must brake in a space of 60 meters, key to master the E-Prix.

Turn 1 comes right after that: it is a point where the brakes are already over heated and the cars must slow down in less than two seconds in about 50 meters.

The Brembo system for the Formula E Gen2 is composed of four-piston aluminum monobloc calipers, carbon discs and pads, tandem master cylinder and bells.

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To meet the safety and performance standards of the brakes during each E-Prix and in all conditions, Brembo carries out numerous tests on the braking system for Formula E, with the aim of assessing its performance as well as its resistance to stress and temperatures.

In the test phases, the carbon discs and pads and the aluminum calipers are pushed to limits that go beyond their usual range of use.

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