Brembo Officially Launches New Brembo XTRA Brake Pads

Developed to maximize the advantages of Brembo’s Aftermarket range of drilled and slotted discs, these new pads are the ideal solution for enthusiast car drivers who enjoy sports driving without compromising on comfort and duration during the daily road use.

With this new product, Brembo is targeting the enthusiastic car driver’s segment. For whom driving is not only a need but also a passion.

The brake systems’ world leader had chosen to specifically target the mindful and enthusiastic car drivers who love their cars and do not give up enhancing their performances, even while braking. This has been rewarded by the story of Brembo’s MAX slotted discs and by the huge success of Brembo’s XTRA drilled discs – launched just two years ago.

The development of a friction material capable of assuring both a high-level performance during the road sports use as well as less noise and durability was the great challenge. It was taken up by Brembo’s engineers at the Friction Laboratory, within the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park.

It looked like an unachievable result but after constant research, numerous comparative tests, simulations with cutting-edge equipment/programs and thousands of kilometers of road tests, Brembo can now claim it has identified the “X” factor: the ideal friction material that satisfies the requirements of the car drivers who demand the best from their car even during the everyday road use.

The new XTRA brake pads are manufactured by Brembo using the BRM X L01 material. It’s made from more than 30 different components that have been developed by its advanced research laboratory.

It’s thanks to this material if the Brembo’s new XTRA brake pads are the perfect match for the XTRA ad MAX sports discs. Not only they boost the performance in regards to the pedal feel but also in terms of comfort and durability.

Compared to the compound used for the standard pads that are equivalent to the original, this new solution features a high friction coefficient that reflects a more decisive and stable braking, both at low as well as high temperatures. All this, assuring a greater driving comfort and an improved brake pedal precision, without compromising on the product’s mileage.

In fact, the special BRM X L01 compound makes it a unicum among the pads of its kind. This assures a low disc wear, under all driving conditions, despite a greater performance compared to the standard compound.

This innovative material comes directly from Brembo’s experience regarding the original equipment and the High-Performance products. To tame the greatest powers it combines the features required for an excellent performance with the noiselessness required by the top segment.

This technical solution combined with Brembo’s Aftermarket range of drilled and slotted discs proved to be successful. It passed the most critical tests, even for the cars belonging to the medium segment which is the target for the high-performing XTRA and MAX discs.

Not only all the compact, medium, and sports cars produced recently, such as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta some Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen models, are among the beneficiaries that can fit these brake pads but also some of the most successful SUVs can. For the complete list please lookup the website.

Brembo’s new XTRA brake pads undergo a scorching treatment to eliminate in advance those gases that can cause a significant reduction of the friction coefficient between the disc and the pad at high temperatures (known as “fading”). This causes a loss of braking efficiency. Thanks to this treatment and to the carefully-judged mixture of components used, Brembo’s new XTRA brake pads show a constant behavior both during the high-temperature braking cycles as well as during the following cold cycles.

A new box has been redesigned for the packaging, including the one for the XTRA and MAX discs. It has a graphic layout that highlights the “X” factor making Brembo’s offer for this segment unique as it emphasizes the product’s technical look.

The distinguishing feature of the pad is Brembo’s logo laser-engraved on the friction material and also the tampography on the pad’s shim which also displays Brembo’s XTRA logo. The new Brembo XTRA brake pads will be on sale from the end of 2018 and will be completed with over 100 part numbers by the first half of 2019.

Source: Brembo

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