Brembo Dominates 2024 F1 Braking

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Brembo has solidified its position as the leading supplier of braking systems for the 2024 Formula One World Championship, commencing with the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 1-3. Since entering Formula 1 in 1975 and achieving over 500 Grand Prix victories, Brembo will equip most of the grid with advanced hydraulic and friction components tailored for each team.

Advancements in Carbon Discs

Over two decades, Brembo has transformed Formula 1’s braking technology. Initially, carbon discs were 28mm thick with up to 72 holes. Now, front axle discs have expanded to 328mm, and rear to 280mm, with thickness increasing to 32mm. The 2024 season introduces two carbon disc types: “wide spline” and “single-sided spline,” offering teams customized cooling and packaging options based on their cars’ designs.

Comprehensive Caliper Supply

In 2024, all 10 teams will utilize Brembo’s brake calipers, showcasing the company’s broad presence in Formula One. Nine teams will feature Brembo calipers, while one will use AP Racing calipers, a subsidiary within the Brembo Group. These calipers, adhering to the maximum regulation of 6 pistons, are crafted from solid aluminum and nickel-plated for optimal performance.

Innovative Pumps and Clutches

Brembo and AP Racing will supply brake pumps to five teams, with four teams adopting Brembo’s by-wire units for enhanced rear braking management. Additionally, eight teams will incorporate AP Racing-manufactured clutches, further evidencing Brembo’s comprehensive involvement in F1 team equipment.

Tailored Solutions and Telemetry

Brembo’s customization extends to caliper design, balancing weight and stiffness to meet each team’s specific needs. With embedded sensors, teams can monitor disc and caliper temperatures in real time, aiding in the precise management of braking dynamics and thermal balance.

This extensive involvement underscores Brembo’s pivotal role in shaping the braking landscape of the 2024 Formula One season, offering teams unparalleled braking solutions customized to their unique specifications.

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