BPW Simplifies Axle Maintenance with ECO Plus 3

Wiehl, Germany – BPW is extending its innovative ECO Plus 3 bearing technology to axles designed to carry loads ranging from 10 to 12 tons. Previously available for 9-ton axles, the latest iteration provides superior serviceability and simpler parts inventory management while continuing to offer an extended 5+3 year guarantee.

The ECO Plus 3 technology modernizes axle maintenance, utilizing a central torque-limited axle nut for easy disassembly, reminiscent of Formula 1 mechanics. This standardization means that axles of various configurations—regardless of wheel size or brake type—can all benefit from the maintenance ease and advanced features of ECO Plus 3.

“In essence, we’ve revolutionized the way trailer axles are operated and maintained,” said a BPW spokesperson. “Just like in Formula 1, the hub can be quickly disassembled and reassembled using a central axle nut. No special tools are needed, making brake disc or brake shoe replacement a breeze.”

The updated technology also incorporates an integrated torque limiter, automatically setting the correct bearing play without requiring a torque wrench. Moreover, ECO Plus 3 employs DIN-ISO tapered roller bearings, which are globally accessible, thus streamlining standard maintenance work for customers.

Further upgrades in the ECO Plus 3 technology significantly reduce operating costs and downtimes for fleet operators. The hubcap tightening torque is now 350 Nm, reduced from 800 Nm, simplifying maintenance tasks. Additionally, enhanced sealing systems protect the bearing from dirt more efficiently.

The new technology also simplifies spare parts stocking for customers, thanks to many common components across individual axle types. “This makes workflows even quicker, as the same standard tools can be used for various maintenance tasks,” added the spokesperson.

High mileage is another key feature of the closed storage system design. To back its reliability, BPW offers an 8-year ECO Plus guarantee for various components, including the axle body and hub bearing. Initially valid for five years, the guarantee is extended by three years following a mandatory service check and is available Europe-wide with no mileage limit.

By expanding the ECO Plus 3 technology to 10-12 ton axles, BPW continues to set new standards in axle maintenance, offering a combination of service friendliness, reduced operating costs, and enhanced reliability.


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