Bendix Fleet Council Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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Source: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems announcement

AVON, Ohio – What if a leading commercial vehicle technology supplier invited fleets to come together and talk about industry trends, share best practices, and discuss what’s most important to them? Four decades ago, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems did more than wonder. The company created the Bendix Fleet Council.

This month, Bendix marks the 40th anniversary of its pioneering annual forum devoted to understanding the critical needs of its customers. Thirty industry-leading fleets representing the full range of vocations from across North America will attend this year’s gathering, slated for November 14-17.

Established in 1980, the Bendix Fleet Council was the first event of its kind in the commercial vehicle industry and is now one of the longest-running forums of its type. Last year, the event was not held because of the pandemic.

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“Bendix is committed to serving our customers in every way possible,” said Scott Burkhart, vice president of sales, marketing, and business development at Bendix. “Fostering strong relationships and dynamic partnerships is deeply ingrained in the Bendix business strategy, along with our approach to product development and service.

“Fleet Council continues to be an essential opportunity to explore the myriad of issues, concerns, and opportunities that impact the growth of our customers and the commercial vehicle industry as a whole. We are very proud to host the 40th anniversary of this premier event.”

At the council, Bendix fleet customers will be joined by company business and engineering leaders, as well as senior executives from Bendix, in a lively two-way dialogue to secure vital feedback about Bendix products, services, and programs.

Burkhart noted that the 2021 event will include a robust agenda of meetings, demonstrations, and activities, and it will incorporate a heartfelt tribute to the event’s founder, Bill Gantz, who passed away earlier this year. Gantz, a beloved recent Bendix retiree with over 42 years of service, was instrumental in shaping what has now become one of the most highly sought invitations in the industry.

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“This long-standing event is a valuable part of the ongoing, vibrant dialogue we have with our fleet customers,” Burkhart said. “It’s one way we help ensure the voice of the fleet is a strong consideration in the technologies and integrated solutions we develop and bring to market. At Bendix, we talk consistently about how we don’t develop technology for technology’s sake – but rather, because it has impact and value and a strong return on investment for the fleet. Fleet Council further enriches our already rich engagement with fleets and contributes to the evolution of the industry.”

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