Algolux Joins AI-SEE to Help Advance AV Tech

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Source: Algolux announcement

MONTREAL — Algolux, a globally recognized computer vision software company, has been selected to participate in the AI-SEE project led by Mercedes Benz AG to ensure safe driving in poor visibility conditions.

Recently named to the 2021 CB Insights AI 100 List of the world’s most innovative AI startups and winner of the Most Outstanding Autonomous Vehicle Technology Innovation at the 2021 Tech.AD Europe Awards, Algolux will cooperate with 20 world-class partners on the OEM and supplier level over a period of three years to enable Level 4 autonomy for mass-market vehicles. The intent is to build a novel robust sensor system supported by artificial intelligence enhanced vehicle vision for low visibility conditions.

Without proven safety for all road users, the vision of autonomous driving will not be realized. Automated vehicles can be ready for market introduction only if they can operate in a reliable manner at all times; this requires an all-conditions capable autonomous-driving system that can ensure safe travel in every relevant weather and lighting condition such as snow, heavy rain, or fog.

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Employing a multisensory data fusion approach, the sensor data acquired will be fused and simulated by means of sophisticated AI algorithms tailored to adverse weather perception needs. This novel sensing system and an HD dynamic map will enable localization performance in bad weather conditions in 24h/365-day mode.

To help the AI-SEE project meet its objectives, Algolux will provide technology and domain expertise in the areas of deep learning AI algorithms, fusion of data from distinct sensor types, long-range stereo sensing, and radar signal processing.

A critical objective of advanced driving systems is the recognition of all road users in challenging weather conditions. Existing sensing systems fail in such cases as fusion cannot be performed due to a lack of redundant information.

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For example, sensor measurements that are distorted in one measurement (e.g. LiDAR backscatter in snow) may not be distorted in others (intensity camera). To overcome this issue, and at the same time offer redundancy in good conditions, Algolux relies on a smart fusion approach which represents the control center or “brain” of the system, thereby enabling a more robust perception platform that can be used in any lighting or weather conditions.

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