Alcon’s SMART Inserts Win Big at Motorsport’s Innovation Awards

Alcon’s revolutionary SMART piston inserts claim the prestigious “Most Innovative Product in Motorsport” award, beating out giants like Bosch and McLaren.

The 2023 World Motorsport Symposium Awards saw Alcon take center stage, showcasing their groundbreaking SMART insert technology. This ingenious solution tackles a long-standing challenge in motorsport: brake pedal feel degradation due to unevenly worn pads.

Impressing Industry Experts:

A panel of renowned figures, including F1 Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds and former Audi Motorsport Engine Development Director Ulrich Baretzky, judged entries for remarkable innovation and environmental impact. Alcon’s SMART inserts stood out, earning praise for their simplicity and effectiveness.

Alcon's SMART Inserts Win Big at Motorsport's Innovation Awards

Solving the Taper-Wear Problem:

Tapered brake pads create an angular gap between the pad and piston, leading to increased fluid usage and a longer, spongier pedal feel. SMART inserts cleverly address this issue by:

  • Spherical articulation: The insert, housed between two spherical surfaces, compensates for pad wear and maintains a parallel relationship with the pad backplate.
  • Reduced pedal travel: This restores optimal brake feel, giving drivers greater confidence and control.
  • Improved performance: Minimizing fluid usage and pad movement translates to sharper braking response and increased consistency.

Beyond the Racetrack:

Alcon’s win isn’t just a motorsport victory; it’s a testament to their dedication to pushing boundaries. The SMART insert technology is already available for motorsport applications, and the company plans to explore its potential in other sectors.

About Alcon:

Alcon, a global leader in high-performance braking systems, boasts over 40 years of experience in top-tier motorsport. From Formula 1 to World Rally, their products are synonymous with performance and reliability. With SMART inserts, Alcon continues to innovate, ensuring their place at the forefront of braking technology.


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