Ainstein and ADAC Create RADAC Joint Venture

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Source: RADAC announcement

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Proven Tier 1 supplier ADAC and innovative radar technology provider Ainstein announced a new partnership as RADAC. Both organizations recognized the endless agony auto manufacturers endure while working with multiple vendors. RADAC serves to offer the only integrated radar proximity sensor built from the ground up. 

Dubbed “A genius partnership” by Plastics News, RADAC Automotive will operate independently as a “new” radar technology Tier 1 supplier and offer both products and services to the global automotive market. Furthermore, the RADAC team is delighted to already be working on proximity access, object and blind spot detection automotive sensing projects for markets around the world.

“ADAC is excited to launch RADAC with our Ainstein partners a technical and business joint venture focused on developing multiple uses for RADAR technology that have multiple functional and practical use not yet applied in passenger vehicles,” said Jeff Dolbee, ADAC Automotive President. “ADAC and Ainstein will combine our unique expertise and strengths to develop the most advanced mechatronic solutions for the vehicles of today, tomorrow and beyond.”

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As highlighted by MiBiz, “The joint venture between ADAC and Ainstein is a different path in the same race to win with technology in future vehicles, but both companies are hopeful that equal stakes and a shared partnership will result in a better finish.”

“The automotive industry is embracing a new era of technology which focuses on combining autonomy, safety, and convenience into one simple package. Most of these features are enabled by new sensing technology,” said CEO and founder of Ainstein AI, Zongbo Wang. “Ainstein is one of the global leaders in next generation radar technology. We’re proud to be part of these new opportunities that offer a better sensing experience and higher level of intelligence. We are super excited to start the joint venture with ADAC and offer the best mechatronics parts to OEMs that provide a better driving experience.”

“ADAC’s automotive know-how combined with Ainstein’s radar expertise will focus on reimagining access to the automotive mobility marketplace,” said ADAC Executive Vice President of Global Business Development and RADAC BoD member, Jeff Ackerman.

“With the combination of technical expertise, drive to execute and vision for the future of mobility, RADAC will see exceptional accomplishments in the commercialization of radar products. ” Jack Prince, Chief Business Development Officer of RADAC

RADAC’s ultra-short-range proximity sensor focuses on three core elements that reduce the time, cost, and communication required for integration of other current technologies on the market:

•           Contactless Activation: Configurable presence detection or gesture recognition. Selectable user preferences.

•           Reliable Recognition: Two feet on the ground. No unsafe kicking motions. Performance in all environmental conditions.

•           All-in-One Sensor: Customizable programming for access, power opening, obstacle detection and parking assistance

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