ZF Unveils Brake-by-Wire Tech in Shanghai

ZF, a global leader in automotive technology, unveiled its innovative Brake-by-Wire electric brake system at the company’s Next Generation Mobility Day event in Shanghai. This innovative system eliminates the need for brake fluid and offers exceptional performance benefits.

Why It Matters

The new Brake-by-Wire electric brake system by ZF represents a significant advancement in automotive technology, catering to the evolving landscape of software-defined and electrically driven vehicles. It not only enhances safety and performance but also reduces maintenance costs and environmental impact.

ZF Unveils Brake-by-Wire Tech in Shanghai

Key Points

  • ZF introduces an all-new Brake-by-Wire purely electro-mechanical brake system that generates braking force at each wheel using electric motors, eliminating the need for hydraulic systems and brake fluid.
  • The system was developed by ZF’s global development centers, marking a collaborative effort in China, the USA, and Germany.
  • This innovative “dry” Brake-by-Wire system improves safety and sustainability by reducing braking distances, enhancing energy recovery during braking, and minimizing maintenance needs.
  • Electric cars equipped with this Brake-by-Wire system can achieve up to 17 percent more range through efficient recuperation of braking energy.
  • Lower residual drag torques result in reduced brake pad wear and fewer particulate emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Dispensing with hydraulic components lowers assembly and logistics costs during vehicle production and reduces servicing requirements during the vehicle’s lifespan.
  • The Brake-by-Wire electric brake system maintains the familiar braking feel of a hydraulic system while ensuring safety through redundant connections and systems.

Bottom Line

ZF’s innovative Brake-by-Wire electric brake system represents a significant leap forward in automotive technology, enhancing safety, sustainability, and performance in the era of software-defined and electric vehicles. This groundbreaking development underscores ZF’s commitment to shaping the future of mobility with advanced, environmentally friendly solutions.


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