ZF Expands Commercial Vehicle Sensors Range

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ZF Aftermarket has made a significant expansion to its commercial vehicle product range by introducing OE-quality sensors for driver assistance systems. This marks the first time such high-quality sensors are available in the independent aftermarket, broadening the scope for truck workshop repairs significantly. As the globe’s leading supplier to the commercial vehicle sector, ZF’s initiative addresses the growing demand for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) components, especially in light of increasing regulations.

According to German government projections, truck freight traffic is expected to surge by 46 percent by 2051, highlighting the expanding business opportunities for parcel services and bus companies. The integration of WABCO has enriched ZF’s portfolio, now boasting over 70,000 part numbers and the introduction of more than 400 new spare parts annually. This development comes at a crucial time as ADAS, including automatic emergency braking assistants and lane departure warning systems, become standard requirements, with new mandates set to take effect across the EU from 2024.

The availability of these sensors, specifically the front camera for the OnLaneALERT system and the radar sensor for the OnGuardACTIVE system, is a game-changer for independent commercial vehicle workshops. It enables complete repairs, especially after accidents, without compromising on parts quality or needing to switch suppliers. ZF emphasizes the necessity for these sensors to be programmed with original diagnostic software post-installation, ensuring optimal functionality and compliance with safety standards.

ZF’s aftermarket division stands out not just for its comprehensive parts program, which spans from steering components to air conditioning and lubricants, but also for its repair kits. These kits are designed to streamline workshop tasks and enhance repair quality by including all necessary components, such as screws, seals, and instructions, for a professional repair job.

Beyond spare parts, ZF Aftermarket is committed to offering holistic solutions to its workshop partners. This includes proprietary diagnostic products, with over 48,000 licenses issued, and the ZF [pro]Academy, which provides technical training to ensure workshops remain at the forefront of industry standards and innovations.

Additionally, ZF is venturing into fleet management services to bolster the operational efficiency of commercial vehicle fleets. Tools like ZF SCALAR and ZF Bus Connect offer advanced connectivity and AI-based decision-making capabilities, overseeing more than 310,000 vehicles worldwide. Moreover, the CarPay-Diem system introduces a streamlined digital fuel and payment process, enhancing convenience and cost transparency for fleet operators, especially those managing mixed fleets of electric and combustion engine vehicles.

ZF Aftermarket’s expansion into ADAS sensors not only enriches its already extensive commercial vehicle parts portfolio but also positions the company as a pivotal partner for workshops looking to navigate the evolving landscape of commercial vehicle maintenance and repair.

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