ZF and Nikola’s Safety Innovations

ZF Group, a leader in automotive technology, and Nikola Corporation have ushered in a new era of road safety in the North American commercial vehicle market with the integration of ZF’s cutting-edge driver-assistance technologies, OnGuardMAX and OnSideALERT, into Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell electric truck. This marks the first instance of such advanced safety features being deployed in a commercial vehicle in this region.

The collaboration highlights ZF’s OnGuardMAX, a highly sophisticated automatic emergency braking (AEB) system, and OnSideALERT, an innovative blind spot detection system. OnGuardMAX is engineered to autonomously recognize and respond to various obstacles, including pedestrians, vehicles, and even stationary objects. Its intricate blend of camera and radar technologies enables it to autonomously detect, classify, and react, enhancing safety measures significantly. The system is capable of alerting the driver and, if necessary, autonomously slowing down or halting the truck to avoid or mitigate collisions.

OnSideALERT, on the other hand, functions as an advanced radar-based blind spot detection system, continuously monitoring for both stationary and moving objects in the truck’s blind spot, thereby assisting in preventing or reducing the severity of side collisions.

Dirk Wohltmann, director of engineering, Americas, commercial vehicle solutions, ZF Group, emphasized the importance of this partnership. “ZF technologies benefit from decades of continuous improvement and learning, and these technologies not only benefit customers but the driver and road users. We’re excited to see our technology on the road in the Nikola truck, as well as future vehicles.”

Pedro Garcia, Global Head of Product Development, Nikola, reinforced the significance of safety in their collaboration. “Safety is of paramount importance to Nikola and our customers, and the ZF products, including the company’s driver-assistance technologies, integrate well into our Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell electric truck platform,” he stated.

Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell electric truck, now in production and available at authorized dealerships, stands out with an impressive range of up to 500 miles, positioning it among the top Class 8 zero tailpipe emission trucks in terms of range. The truck is versatile, catering to various applications including drayage, intermodal, metro-regional truckload, and specialized hauling.

This collaboration between ZF and Nikola Corporation not only signifies a leap in commercial vehicle safety but also marks a significant step towards sustainable, zero-emission transportation solutions.


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