Wilwood’s Rotor Upgrade Enhances Brakes

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In response to customer demand, Wilwood Disc Brakes has introduced a significant upgrade to its Street Performance and Show Car brake kits. This enhancement involves the addition of a black E-coat corrosion finish to its GT slotted rotors, a move aimed at both inhibiting oxidation and boosting the aesthetic appeal of the brakes.

The application of the E-coat finish is thorough, covering every part of the rotor both inside and out. This process ensures the rotors are fully protected against corrosion. However, it’s important to note that the E-coat finish on the rotor faces will be swiftly removed during the initial bedding process. This is a normal part of the break-in procedure for these brakes, ensuring that while the rotor faces are cleaned, the mount tabs and the rest of the rotor remain protected.

Wilwood has designated the rotor upgrades with part numbers ending in -GTB, indicating the inclusion of the E-coat finish. These upgrades are carried out at Wilwood’s facility located in Camarillo, CA, ensuring that each product meets the company’s high standards for quality and performance.

About Wilwood Engineering

Founded in 1977 by Bill Wood, Wilwood Engineering has established itself as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance disc brakes and components. Operating from their headquarters in Camarillo, California, Wilwood’s products are engineered and rigorously tested to meet the demands of various applications. This ensures that they provide unmatched braking quality and performance across a wide range of vehicles, from race cars to classic cars. Wilwood is committed to innovation and excellence in braking technology. For further information, Wilwood Engineering can be contacted at [email protected].

By incorporating the black E-coat corrosion finish, Wilwood not only meets the functional demands of its customers but also adds an element of style to its Street Performance and Show Car brake kits, reaffirming its position as a forward-thinking leader in the braking industry.

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